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What would be your reaction if we tell you that we are all set to take away your worries regarding the number of words or characters in a pdf, write-up, document etc? You can access our words counter anywhere, at any time and know all the statistics regarding the words and characters of your file. All you have to do is scan or copy-paste the article on our word counter and get your result within a matter of seconds. Easy isn’t it?

Are you a student or a teacher?

If you are a student, we are sure you get all these assignments and projects to write up or pdfs to study within a short period of time. There are often word limits on most of these assignments. It might not be convenient to waste time over counting or arranging for softwares. Our word counter is the perfect solution for you. As a teacher, making sure that the student has completed and reached the minimum word limit is made easier.

SEO and SEM are also benefited.

Also, we offer statistics other than just word counts. The number of times a certain key word has been used, the most highlighted word or character etc, can be determined through our word count tool. This will help content writers to make sure that their write-up is well optimized. Search Engine Marketing, a very important marketing tool, is facilitated with our word counter.

What exactly does a word counter do?

A word counter lets you keep your word limit in check. If you are a reporter or author or even a blogger, you have to make sure that you haven’t written too much or too less. Also, the reading time required, the density of keywords etc can be determined with our word counter. This will help you write an article that is sure to achieve a higher page ranking.

It is important to write a well-detailed and complete story. But, too many words may disrupt the flow of the story. A reader wants an interesting story, not an unnecessarily long one. It is important to stay on point and not bore the reader with useless and extra use of words. A brief, but well informed article has more impact on the reader. Lengthy articles can be dull and often tiring. To make sure that your article is well-written, with enough use of key words, and is well centered, our word counter will provide with all the required data. This helps maintain and achieve the main purpose of writing that article. Thus, our word counter is the one reliable and free source of systematic feedback and any improvements so that any changes can be easily made by you.

Why should you choose our word counter?

As our word counter is an online tool, it is free of any charge. All you will need is a good internet connection and your file. You can also write in the text box and keep a check on your words in real time.

Our word counter website is well optimized and available via most browsers like Google, yahoo, opera mini, Firefox, Safari, and Internet etc.

How does the number of words affect the actual write-up

The most common cases of word counts are twitter which lets you use only 280 characters, or an EBay Title which allows 80 characters, LinkedIn Summary with 2000 characters. SMSing allows only 160 per text message and descriptions on BlogSpot allow 500 characters. Statuses on Face book allow 63,206 characters which the highest in the list. Descriptions on Pinterest allow a mere 500 characters. Instead of re-typing these again and again to stay within these word restrictions, you can use our word counter and then paste the same on your chosen site. Along with these, various writing formats also impose restrictions on use of words. For example, a literature work is considered a novel only if it has a minimum of 50000 and a maximum of 70000 words. A short story may have upto 3000 words. Anything between 15000 to a maximum of 35000 can be called a short novel or a novella. Sometime, reading or the time required to deliver a certain dialogue requires for a limit on words. A normal script needs atleast 125 words for a single minute. A stage play normally has anywhere from 5000-10,000 words and a movie script may normally contain 7,500-20,000 words at an average. Of course this may vary according to dialogues.